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Locally-sourced, gluten-free and in business for over a decade, Team Clinton is a must-stop shop for anyone in Halifax considering purchasing or refinancing a home.


For over a decade TeamClinton has been serving up customized financing solutions (with a side of fierce negotiation techniques) for clients seeking to purchase, refinance or renew a mortgage. Contact them today and experience firsthand what TeamClinton can serve up for you: Unparalleled, expert counsel to best suit your needs, not their bottom line.


If you are considering purchasing a home, or even unsure if you would qualify, seeking the advice of a licensed mortgage specialist is a must. Banks may offer you an acceptable rate, but a mortgage broker will take an overview of your entire financial situation and spend the time to understand what will best benefit your goals. They do this all while sourcing multiple solutions for, and assisting in negotiating your financial proposals.

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Refinancing a mortgage, which simply means paying off an existing mortgage in exchange for a new one, has become a common way for homeowners to take advantage of the equity they have built in their homes for a number of practical reasons. From accessing lower interest rates, consolidating debt, or leveraging equity to finance another property, refinancing includes options that can bring balance to the scales of financial well-being.

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A mortgage renewal, the renegotiating of your mortgage rate, is a prime time to take advantage of the resources available to the brokers of TeamClinton. We have the information you need to ensure you secure the best rate and can help you achieve financial symmetry so you and yours can breathe easy. We are mortgage experts. Make sure you contact us before signing your renewal, ok?

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From the Blog

Over the last decade in business, we have noticed one constant: change. In the mortgage industry, in our organization and in you, our clients. Leveraging the collected knowledge of TeamClinton, our blog section is a treasure trove of practical advice aimed at ensuring aspiring and current home owners have access to relevant resources to keep them ahead of the ever-evolving curve.

  • The Pre-Approval Preach

    At TeamClinton, we’re big fans of anything that encourages efficiency during the home-purchasing process for our clients, and nothing smooths the way quite like a pre-approval. Becoming pre-approved means heading into the housing market battle-ready.…

  • HELOC Hurt So Good

    A Seductive productive to borrowers and lenders alike, it’s time for the golden age of HELOC to come to an end Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC), so fetch in the late 90s and early…

  • Pride, Prejudice & Straight People

    Dear straight people, you’re not the only ones who question the relevance and rationale of Pride. When I was a young(er) man still working on my undergrad, I didn’t see much point to it either.…

  • Slow Your Mortgage Rate Roll

    Given the recent coverage* (and occasional bouts of panic amongst consumers concerning the mortgage rate) on Bank of Canada’s key rate increase, we’d like to take a moment to prescribe a healthy dose of slowing…