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Considering buying a house? It’s important to talk with a mortgage expert to understand how much home mortgage financing we can get for you and discuss your mortgage financing options. Buying a house is a huge commitment and seeking expert advice before doing so is an important step. We have access to mortgage rates and features that can help achieve your home-buying dreams. Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team brokers are independently trained professionals licensed to represent you and provide you with the best advice for your house mortgage financing needs. We’ve been serving clients in the Halifax area for almost a decade.


Are you considering refinancing your home mortgage? Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team Brokers have been helping clients in the Halifax area for over a decade. We are here to help you understand and find your way through this complicated process. There’s good debt and there’s bad debt. Mortgages qualify as good debt. Not only do they make home ownership possible, they are usually available at the lowest-possible interest rates and represent a solid investment as property values increase year over year. Bad debt, however, can saddle you with high interest rates often tied to items that lose value over time.


Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Do you live in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia? Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team brokers can help. Renewing your mortgage is essentially negotiating your rate all over again. Do you have the information you need to ensure you secure the best rate? Will it meet your family’s financial needs? As mortgage experts, we have answers to all your mortgage questions and access to a wide variety of lenders and mortgage products. So before signing your mortgage renewal when it arrives in the mail, contact a mortgage advisor to make certain you’re getting the best available interest rate and the mortgage that’s right for you.


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