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Mortgage Brokers- The Premium Choice

Mortgage Brokers: The Premium Choice

In a world of informed consumers who expect premium client experiences regardless of transaction size (Starbucks, anyone?), there’s simply no reason to suffer the indignity of getting a mortgage through traditional lenders like the Big Five.  Mortgage brokers are the premium choice.

The Big Five are Tim Hortons, your local mortgage broker is TIBS

A Big Five employee has a select number of mortgage products to offer consumers, and are essentially a sales agent for their financial institution. Under pressure to hit intense sales quotas, bank employees are beholden to their employer; thus unable to offer truly unbiased, professional advice.

So What’s the Diff?

As an intermediary between lender and borrower, mortgage brokers source the best rates and work in the best interest of their clients instead of a financial institution’s bottom line.

Mortgage brokers are specialists. Licensed in their field and adept at finding creative solutions to issues with more flexibility than the Big Five.

At TeamClinton, our commitment to clients’ holistic financial well-being and stellar service are what make us stand out from the crowd. We won’t recommend a product to a client that doesn’t set the scene for a healthy financial future. (Even if it would fund renovations at Clinton’s summer house.)

Because we know when our clients succeed, we succeed. It’s in our best interest to ensure your financial security, sustainability, and independence.

The Short and Sweet:

Mortgage Brokers Save Time and Migraines

As independent, licensed professionals mortgage brokers can save you a wallop of a headache by doing the hunting and negotiating of rates for you.

Why book appointments with every bank within a 50-mile radius when you could have a broker contact their variety of vendors for you?

Mortgage Brokers Will Show You the Money

The money you’ll save, that is. Mortgage brokers have access to a variety of rates through a myriad of lenders. Unlike ye olde brick and mortar bank that’s going to offer you one rate that’s in their best interest.

A Good Mortgage Broker Has Your Back

As opposed to simply selling you a loan, a good mortgage brokerage (cough, Team Clinton, cough) will present a variety of financing options that best suit your lifestyle goals.

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