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CTV Mortgage Minute: Financial Literacy Month – November 18, 2021

In this Mortgage Minute, Clinton meets up with Ana Almeida from CTV to talk about how November is Financial Literacy Month! The two discuss the importance of financial literacy and how it’s important to have conversations around income, assets, and credit — even when it might be scary to discuss.

CTV Mortgage Minute: Financial Literacy Month

Don’t feel like watching the video? Check out the transcript below.


What is Financial Literacy Month?

Ana Almeida: [00:00:00:07] I’m Ana Almeida and I’m here with Clinton Wilkins, and this month in your Mortgage Minute, we are talking about financial literacy. So Clinton, what exactly is Financial Literacy Month and why is it so important?

Clinton Wilkins: [00:00:09:26] Well, in 2011, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada made November Financial Literacy Month. The reason they did that, Ana was to really build awareness and education for financial literacy.

How can you improve your financial literacy?

Ana Almeida: [00:00:21:08] So what can Canadians do to help strengthen their financial situation?

Clinton Wilkins: [00:00:25:08] Well, I think it’s so important talking about financial literacy and maybe reading a book or listening to a podcast could be great. And I think maybe even talking about income, assets, and credit at the dinner table is a great place to start.

Ana Almeida: [00:00:37:14] And that is a very hard conversation to have sometimes.

Mortgages are the biggest debt!

Clinton Wilkins: [00:00:40:21] It certainly can be a scary conversation to have and breaking down some of the barriers and the mortgage is the biggest debt and I think seeking the advice of unbiased mortgage professionals is just so important.

Ana Almeida: [00:00:49:29] So great to have someone like you to connect with. Thank you again. And of course, we’ll see you next time for another Mortgage Minute.

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