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winter moving tips

Winter Moving Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Winter Moving Tips

Packing and moving can be a stressful and tedious process for anyone. The thought of seeing the place you once called your home as nothing, but an empty shell can seem upsetting, but the adventure that awaits you in your new abode is thrilling. The process of moving in subzero temperatures with limited hours in the day can add an unneeded stressor on the moving process and cause emotions to brew in the perfect storm. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of some winter moving tips to make your move as safe and efficient as possible so that you can be prepared for your winter move and sit back and relax in front of a nice warm fireplace.

1. Schedule Early Morning Move or Proper Lighting

As we all know, there are limited hours of daylight during the winter. During those dark cold months, it can seem like days at a time between little glimpses of the sun. If you are able to, schedule a move for early in the morning! This will optimize the amount of daylight you’ll be able to utilize, limiting the time you’re moving in the dark. The sunset in Nova Scotia in February happens around 5:30 pm. Which only really leaves you with 8 hours of daylight each day during the winter.

If you’re unable to move early in the morning, or the move gets delayed, ensure your house has prime lighting. Good outdoor lighting and indoor lighting will limit the occurrence of accidents and furniture getting damaged. Proper lighting will allow the moving into your new home run smoother and be safer for everyone involved.

2. Make Sure Sidewalks and Driveways are Clear

Tagging off of safety during moving, double-check that the sidewalk and driveway are clear of snow and ice. While you may think that it’s unnecessary to shovel and salt the walkways of your old property, it’s an essential step in ensuring safety while moving. You and the people helping you move need to be able to transport goods safely from one property to the next. Shoveling and salting walkways of each property make sure that movers are able to safely move items from one property to the next without injuring themselves.

3. Keep The Thermostat Running

We often skip over a couple of things here and there in the midst of moving. Forgetting to set up the electricity and update of address can be some of them. During warmer months, forgetting to update the utilities can seem like less of a problem. During the winter though, forgetting to update the electricity can mean walking into a freezing cold house. A house without heat can lead to your own personal igloo and a slightly uncomfortable situation.

It is important to have the utilities up and working before you move into the house so that you avoid walking into a freezing cold house in the middle of winter. Nobody wants that! Have at least a small heater to help warm the place while you move in to keep the temperature bearable while moving all the items in. Once everything has been moved in, you can flip the switch and let the thermostat run!

4. Time is of the Essence!

Moving can be a race against the clock. Before moving, make sure all your belongings are organized and labeled. Labeling items and boxes prior to the move will make it easier to locate where items are once you move into your new place. Labeling and organizing items will allow you to budget your time wisely and not waste time on something that doesn’t need to be unpacked right away. Make an inventory or list of all your household items that you want to be moved into your new property. Also, create another pile of things that you want to be thrown away or donated. This ensures you aren’t wasting time unpacking stuff you’re eventually going to donate.

Make sure to put the kettle on while moving items into your new house. Keeping a pot of coffee or tea on hand will help keep everyone involved in the move nice and warm. The happier your movers are, the faster the moving process will seem. The process of moving can be a little bit less stressful with the help of a hot cup of tea and proper planning! If you’re looking to purchase a home this year but are unsure of the process, drop by our office to talk about moving this winter! We’re located at 99 Wyse Rd Suite 100 in Dartmouth. You can give us a call at 902-482-2770 or you can get in touch with us here