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Mortgage Renewal


A myriad of vendors, plus a decade exceeding client expectations, leave TeamClinton perfectly poised to negotiate great rates for you at renewal time

Unlike our neighbours to the South, whose mortgage terms can run the same length as amortization, us Canucks have terms that range from six months to 10 years.

Excusing the most disciplined among us who have no balance owing at the end of their mortgage term, all homeowners will sign a renewal with a new rate and rules at some point in the life of their mortgage.

Really, a mortgage renewal is a prime opportunity to renegotiate your rates and save money, an area TeamClinton has been excelling on on clients’ behalf for over a decade.

As mortgage experts, we’ll ensure you have all the information necessary to meet your family’s financial needs and lifestyle goals.

So, instead of signing that mortgage renewal like an automaton when it arrives by post, do yourself a favour and contact TeamClinton.

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