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Locally-sourced, gluten-free and in business for over a decade, Team Clinton is a must-stop shop for anyone in Halifax considering purchasing or refinancing a home.


For over a decade TeamClinton has been serving up customized financing solutions (with a side of fierce negotiation techniques) for clients seeking to purchase, refinance or renew a mortgage. Contact them today and experience firsthand what TeamClinton can serve up for you: Unparalleled, expert counsel to best suit your needs, not their bottom line.

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Over the last decade in business, we have noticed one constant: change. In the mortgage industry, in our organization and in you, our clients. Leveraging the collected knowledge of TeamClinton, our blog section is a treasure trove of practical advice aimed at ensuring aspiring and current home owners have access to relevant resources to keep them ahead of the ever-evolving curve.

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