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Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage Refinance

About Home Trust - mortgage refinanceWe Are Here to Help!

You’ve spent years building equity in your home. TeamClinton can leverage the fruits of your labour to clear debt, finance renovations, and much more.

Refinancing, replacing an existing mortgage with a new one, can be done for a variety of reasons. These include renovations, combining first and second mortgages, clearing bad debt, or simply accessing better interest rates.

The most popular reason Haligonians refinance, in our experience, is freedom from high-interest loans that forever to pay down and depreciate in value; bad debt. While your home is an asset and considered good debt; unsecured debt like credit cards or lines of credit can become an albatross around your neck.

So, at TeamClinton we use refinancing to better all types of client scenarios. Leaving them perfectly positioned for future investment opportunities, real estate or otherwise.

Contact us today to taste the fruits of your labour!

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