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Military Mortgages

Military Friendly Mortgages

Military friendly mortgages

A large percentage of TeamClinton’s clients are servicewomen and men- because we understand military lifestyle and military mortgages needs are different than those of civilians.

We know significant financial strain can accompany short notice moves, which lenders make special considerations for military families, and how to operate within our military clients’ schedules.

3 Special Considerations for Military Mortgages:

  • Will your lender waive the prepayment penalty? Sometimes getting a new home when you relocate doesn’t make sense. Lenders that allow you to pay off your mortgage early, without penalties, can save thousands.
  • Are you able to port your mortgage? Using an existing mortgage for a new home saves time and money, in addition to providing assurance you’ll be covered in your next transaction.
  • Will your insurance be enforceable during deployment? Not all insurance products are equal, and some don’t cover military members during deployment (believe it or not). Confirming and documenting enforcement of insurance during deployment is a must for military members.

For a decade, TeamClinton has prided itself on providing the best military friendly mortgage experience possible for our clients.

Contact us today for more information and support specific to military members!

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The entire guide is available online to view or download, and to make sure you’re staying safe at home, you can now request a print copy by mail, free of charge, anywhere in Nova Scotia!