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Mortgage 101 – Unveiling Mortgage Fraud with Sandi Burns

Clinton and Todd are joined by Sandi Burns, AVP Residential and Retail Credit Risk, to talk about Mortgage fraud. Fraud is on the rise. And not just by the those looking for illegal gains. Sandi talks about the complexity of fraud for shelter, fraud for profit and the risks of fraud that affect more than lenders and borrowers. Clinton and Todd highlight some tips for detection and prevention, and encourage borrowers to always ask the important questions to an unbiased mortgage professional.
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Mortgage 101 – Spring Into Your New Home

Clinton and Todd are excited for Spring! They chat about the Spring Real Estate Market, being one of the biggest, and how it comes with its own set of market prices and trends. Clinton makes some predictions on what will happen once rates start to drop, and the two chat about downsizing and build options for buyers excited to spring into their new home!
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Mortgage 101 – Love Your Home

This segment Clinton and Todd get into loving your home, and home improvement for February. They chat about the housing market, and interest rates in Halifax. Clinton makes an interesting prediction, and the two wrap up the chat with home renovation and HELOC advice.
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