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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation


If you’re a Halifax homeowner who feels like they’re drowning in debt, consider TeamClinton your personal life preserver.

In contemporary culture, carrying debt isn’t just nearly unavoidable,
it’s the norm.

Debt that appreciates in value, like real estate, is considered good debt (a necessary, equity-building evil).

Debt that is high interest and/or depreciates in value, like cars, is bad.

Unchecked bad debt can cost consumers financially over the life of the loan. As it can also be damaging to your physical and mental health.

Consolidating debt, through refinancing your mortgage, is one way a mortgage broker can help ease the financial burden you’re carrying.

So, here at Team Clinton, we’ll do an in-depth profile of your financial and lifestyle needs to ensure that refinancing is a practical and beneficial move before we negotiate the best rates in the business on your behalf.

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