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fall home renovations

The best fall home renovations to complete

Is your property in need of some fall home renovations? Certain renovation projects are perfect for the autumn season, and now is the time to start considering if your home needs any changes. Below, we have outlined five home renovations that are great for the fall. Have a look to see if any of them speak to you!

Patch up your roof

This season is the last time you can perform most outdoor renovations before the winter weather hits. Once everything is covered in snow, it’s pretty tricky to take on any home improvement projects outside the front door! If you’re going to look into an outdoor renovation, we recommend repairing your roof if this is something you need. You may not require a full replacement, but loose or missing shingles are a great thing to patch up before we enter the coldest time of the year. If your roof has seen better days, letting it sit as is could lead to temperature problems in the home, further damage throughout the season, and leaks once snow starts to melt in the spring. A sturdy roof is an important part of a winter-ready house, so this is one of the best fall home renovations. If this is a project you want to consider, be sure to reach out to contractors now!

Repaint any exterior areas in need

A less urgent outdoor renovation project might have you repainting some key exterior parts of the home. For example, your front door, garage doors, or even the siding of your house might be looking a little faded. As we burn through the last couple of months of outdoor weather, these are perfect fixes for autumn. Even if they aren’t essential to the functionality of your home, they can improve curb appeal, which is important if you’re considering selling within the near future. This may be a project you can complete yourself if you’re confident with a paint roller. However, if you’re not an expert, we do recommend hiring this job out to ensure it’s done well. After all, everyone who passes your home from the street will see the results!

Upgrade your furnace

Moving inside, it’s crucial to make sure your house will be sufficiently heated throughout the cold weather. It’s about time to turn on your furnace for the season, and many home owners realize at this point that theirs has quit on them. This can be a pain, but it’s better to experience this now than in February! If your furnace is older than 10 or 15 years, you shouldn’t be too surprised if this is the case for you. While it might not strictly be considered a home renovation to replace your furnace, it will certainly make your fall and winter experience more comfortable. If you think your furnace is on its last legs, consider an upgrade, or at least have it inspected to see if it will survive the season.

Replace old windows

Another key way to keep your home nice and cozy during the fall is having properly insulated windows. Unfortunately, some homes, especially older ones, tend to have windows that let warm air escape and welcome chilly air inside. Have you ever felt way colder in your home when you’re standing near a window? Worse yet, have you ever felt a draft blow through? Replacing old windows is one of the most practical fall home renovations. Apart from the increased functionality, new windows can make your home look fresher and more modern. 

Finish your basement

During the summer, we spend more time outdoors. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, it’s easy to spend hours in our yard or out in town. However, autumn’s drop in temperature tends to chase people back inside. If you live with other people, you might start feeling a little cramped and confined inside the home. When a whole family spends every day indoors, it’s easy to get a little frustrated constantly being in close quarters. That’s why finishing the basement can be an excellent renovation idea. This provides you with an entire extra floor of space to move around in, allowing everyone to spread out and get some alone time when needed. 

There are tons of fall home renovations you can complete as a home owner. It all depends on the condition of your home, your personal preferences, and perhaps your plans to sell, if that is in your future. Home renovations are often rewarding, but they are also pricey and time consuming. Be sure to do your research ahead of time to ensure you can finance the projects you wish to take on!

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