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spring and summer renovations

Spring and summer renovations to take on in 2021

Are you thinking about spring and summer renovations yet? The season may just be getting started, but this time of year can be perfect for tackling some big projects in your home. With the weather getting warmer, you might want to improve your yard, or take on any indoor jobs that will require you to use the outside space without it being too chilly.

Many renovation projects aren’t dependent on the season. In a lot of cases, you can take on any home improvements at any time of year. However, there are a few that are best suited for the spring and summer months for a variety of reasons. Here are some warm weather renovations you can look into this year – and they’ll also increase your home’s value.

Roofing replacement

A roofing replacement is perhaps one of the most obvious spring and summer renovations. Of course, it’s by far the best to do any kind of roofing work once the winter weather and snow have cleared. If your roof is getting old and has endured a few rough winter seasons, this might be a great time to have it replaced. Timewise, this is a convenient project to take on now, and your roofing also contributes to your home’s curb appeal. Since your roof is a pretty important part of your home, it’s one of the first things people notice when they walk or drive by.

Spring and summer are the busiest times of year for roofers. If you think this might be a good renovation project for your home this year, start planning now!

Driveway replacement

Is your driveway looking faded and cracked? In places like Nova Scotia, where we can experience all four seasons in one week, driveways can take a big beating. It’s important to have them freshened up once in a while, if not redone completely. 

Similar to roofing work, driveways also need to be free of snow before you can begin any projects on them. You can simply have your driveway repaved the same way, or choose a completely different design. Depending on the materials you choose, your driveway can achieve one of several looks. For example, brick gives your home a modern, elegant feel, while asphalt is more industrial, but super durable for cold weather. 

Freshen up your yard

Summer is when everyone spends the most time outside. The weather is finally nice, and you probably want to enjoy the sun while it lasts. For this reason, spring is the perfect time to get your yard summer-ready. There are endless possibilities for projects you can take on in your yard. For example, you might want to upgrade or replace your deck or patio, add in a paved walkway, or put fencing around your lawn. You can also add an outdoor seating area to your yard, or do some landscaping to really make the area pop. All of these ideas can bring great enjoyment to you, and will likely increase your home’s value if you ever decide to move.

Since outdoor yard renovations can have so much variation, these projects can be pricey depending on what you want to do. However, they also give you a great reason to be outside, and provide you with an extra spot on your property for you to enjoy.

New flooring

Moving indoors, one of the best spring and summer renovations is replacing your flooring. This is a great warm weather project, since you need to be out of the way and can move outdoors while the work is being done. Flooring can be super attention grabbing, so it adds a lot of appeal to your home when done right. If you have old carpet throughout your home, you can replace it with hardwood flooring, for instance. 

The type of flooring you choose will have an impact on cost, so you have some flexibility with how much or little you can spend. Be sure to do some research before you commit to anything!

Window replacements

With the sun (hopefully) shining lots this summer, you’ll want fresh and clean windows. Most of us do spring window washing to clean off the winter grime, but it might also be time to consider replacing your windows. Windows can give your home a facelift both from the outside and within the home, and they can add a modern feel to your home as well. This project is best for the spring and summer months – any outdoor work is easier in milder conditions.

Front entryway

Finally, have a look at your front door and entryway, and see if it needs any upgrades. For a seemingly boring part of the house, front doors add a ton of curb appeal and value to a home. With today’s huge selection of materials, styles, and colours, the right combination can do wonders. 

Indoors, the first impression of your front hallway is an important one. You can replace flooring, paint, decorations, etc., and it gives people a hint of how the rest of your home will look and feel. Doing renovations in this area will be much easier in warmer weather. While your front door is out of use, you will need to use an alternate entrance, and it can be a pain trudging to your back door during the winter.

Spring and summer renovations can have a great impact on your home this year. Home improvement projects benefit you as a homeowner, and they also increase your home’s value. If you have any questions about buying a home this year, get in touch with us at Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team! You can call us at (902) 482-2770 or contact us here.