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Mortgage 101 – Unveiling Mortgage Fraud with Sandi Burns

Clinton and Todd are joined by Sandi Burns, AVP Residential and Retail Credit Risk, to talk about Mortgage fraud. Fraud is on the rise. And not just by the those looking for illegal gains. Sandi talks about the complexity of fraud for shelter, fraud for profit and the risks of fraud that affect more than lenders and borrowers. Clinton and Todd highlight some tips for detection and prevention, and encourage borrowers to always ask the important questions to an unbiased mortgage professional.
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City News Update March 22 – New mortgage regulations in Canada

Clinton Wilkins joins Rob Snow on City News to discuss a significant change in mortgage regulations taken by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, OFSI. The change impacts borrowing limits and the amount lenders can give out based on annual income. They dive into the implications of what Clinton calls the stress test 2.0, and highlight some predictions made by economists of the softening of rates soon.
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