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Condos are Sweeping the Nation - Halifax Too?

Condos are sweeping the nation – Halifax too?

Condo nation

Condos reign supreme in many Canadian cities, but what about Halifax?  First-time home buyers in large metropolitan cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are picking condos.  This is in part due to affordability challenges with single-family detached residential homes.  Take a look at some of the numbers behind Canada’s condo explosion.

Canadian stats – numbers don’t lie

Did you know that 1/3 of new homes built in Canada between 2011 and 2016 were condos, and that 13 per cent of all Canadian households live in a condo? That’s a lot of people.  Is it the Gen-Xers occupying all these? No, it isn’t!  The age groups most likely are the millennials and the 65+ crowd.

3 Hot #trends for condos

This season’s fashion trends include sequins, pastels, and ruffles, but what about a condo?  Mirco-condos are a trend right now. A micro-condo is typically between 300- to 600-square feet.  These compact and efficient living spaces are perfect for millennials! #firsthome.  Another trend is luxury condos – these are spacious, high-end, and are perfect for downsizing baby boomers.  No more shoveling snow or mowing the lawn too!  #mimosasforbreakfast.  Condo communities are a hot trend right now.  Think cool parks, social spaces, co-working spaces, and yoga studios.  #downwarddog.  Sound good?  We also think so!

Halifax’s average condo cost

Here are some stats from regarding the average prices of condos in Halifax.  Average prices range from $194,512 in the north end all the way up to an average price of $510,642 in the south end.  Looking for something somewhere in between?  Try Halifax downtown, Bedford, or Dartmouth for average prices in the $305,202 – $378,615 range. Of course, how much it will cost you depends on many things such as square footage, number of bathrooms, finishes, parking options and availability, and others.

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