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What should I expect after I get my mortgage approved?

Mortgage approved

You have your mortgage approved and you are worried about what is next. If so, let’s talk about it!

Don’t feel like watching? Read the transcript of the video below

“The mortgage process does not end once you get your mortgage approved. Once your mortgage is approved you could be required to supply additional documentation around your income and around your assets. Depending on what type of transaction you’re doing you may be required to do an appraisal on your property. This appraisal cost sometimes is covered by you, the borrower, and sometimes it’s reimbursed by the lender. So, once you have your appropriate documentation and the appraisal completed, if required, you’ll then sign your mortgage commitment and have the chance to opt-in to creditor insurance. The average turnaround time from mortgage approval to our file being completed is typically five days. So, your rate is locked in at the time of application. Every mortgage application is different and requires different documentation. So, if you have questions about the process feel free to give us a call or stop by the office.”

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