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Jobs, Irving, Boom

Jobs, Irving, boom

The Irving Boom

Irving Shipyard has recently announced they are looking to fill 450 jobs.  Add to that, in Halifax, there has been a home sales increase of 14.2 per cent year-over-year in the first two months of 2018.  The boom is here, Halifax; therefore there is no better time to think about purchasing a home or refinancing the home you have. Also, don’t forget interest rates are starting to rise, so now is not the time to hold back and wait.

This increase in professional jobs in Halifax at Irving is part of the contract that was awarded for the Irving Shipyard to build six arctic offshore patrol ships and 15 surface combatants for the navy over the next 25 years.  What this means, is these 450 jobs are just the beginning and there will be many more jobs to come.  As the Irving Shipyard continues to ramp up, more and more jobs will be created. While this is definitely good news for Halifax and Nova Scotia, there will be some consequences. As a result, this means the Halifax housing market will have more demands placed on it.

The Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team is located conveniently at 99 Wyse Road in Dartmouth. Only a short five-minute drive from the Irving Shipyard.  Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team works diligently for our clients and is consistently recognized by the industry and media for our expertise in the mortgage lending space. We are a leading team of passionate professionals that are here to look out for your best interests.  Give us a call and make an appointment!  The boom is here.  We are here.  We are ready.  Boom.  Let’s go.