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A thank you as we cross half a billion in mortgages funded

Crossing 500 million

When looking at the journey Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team has been through, and crossing 500 million, the poem “Crossing the Swamp” by Mary Oliver comes to mind.

The poem conveys the struggles that people and businesses go through to reach success through the depiction of a journey crossing a swamp. We all go through our own struggles to reach what we envision success to be. We experience hardships and events that we have to struggle and fight through. But we learn and “take root” from those difficult situations; we come out “rich” and “glittered” when we’ve crossed the swamp.

The journey

Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team started on a “pathless” journey helping Haligonians achieve their dream of homeownership over a decade ago. The first year of business, Clinton worked tirelessly in the basement of his house. There were times where the swamp was thick and hard to get through. From being one of the youngest brokers in the industry, to filing for bankruptcy, Clinton has had his fair share of struggles along the way. In 2011, Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team was at the top of their game averaging 300 transactions per year, but things plummeted soon afterwards. Business was decreasing 15 per cent per year and it seemed as though there was no escape from the thick murky bog.

The shift

Like the swamp in the poem, we see that hope can glimmer and sparkle through the depths of the swamp. The swamp represented the endless and difficult journey that we go through to reach success. We are able “sprout, branch out, and bud” even in the deepest part of the swamp through determination and hard work. We may have to change the way we cross the swamp and be smarter with our decisions, but we will always take root and grow. In 2017, Clinton changed the way he was doing business worked smarter rather than working harder. Within that year, revenue grew 20% over the previous year. This allows borrowers to receive better rates and have the best choices available to them.

The future, and a thank you

Without those hardships and murky situations that the team has been through, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of our business partners and clients who believed in us when times were rough, we were able to glitter and shine. We have an amazing community of clients, friends (and frenemies) that we would like to take the time to thank you for your support.

Celebrating crossing 500 million in mortgages funded is only possible because of your continued support. We have done almost 2,400 transactions and helped thousands of Canadians achieve their dreams of homeownership and define their own version of success. Thank you to everyone for their ongoing support and we look forward to continuing to offer you the best service.

With Love,

Clinton Wilkins


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