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The Halifax Hustle

The Halifax Hustle

The Halifax Hustle

Dear Clients, Friends, and Frenemies:

Define hustle: to work rapidly or energetically, to push or force one’s way.
Define Halifax Hustle: a concerted effort to do whatever necessary to stake a claim in Halifax, which often includes working two part-time jobs in fields other than your education while simultaneously being active in your community.

The Halifax Hustle is real, and it is a large influencer in the lifestyles we choose to curate for ourselves.

The name might inspire silliness, but anyone caught in its repetitive steps knows how stressful it is to have to bust your ass to get ahead. I hear it from clients young and old, whether they are just starting out, are secure, or having to start over. There are many just doing whatever it takes to remain here despite (or to spite) the call of the West.

Understandably, many Haligonians are being selective in how they invest their financial resources. Choosing between getting married or buying a home, for example, something that once went hand in hand without question.

As a successful entrepreneur in the mortgage industry, and after countless hours of Halifax Hustlin’ myself, I want to help Haligonians hustle smarter. So I decided, when re-designing our website, that I want to empower people through education on homeownership and the options available to them. While homeownership may not be right for everyone, many are simply unaware they can break the cycle and stop the hustle.

So that’s why I’m posting about the Halifax Hustle. Something we don’t always acknowledge, and why I’ve been developing a project designed to educate and help empower potential homeowners to acquire the best rates possible for them. (Yes, even those who don’t go with TeamClinton*).

With Love,


* though this would be a huge mistake. Huge.

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