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Mortgage Advisor

Christian Arcand

Phone: 902-482-2770 ext. 107

Meet Christian,

Does being required to write a ‘brief bio’ send anyone else into an immediate existential crisis? How anyone is able to answer a question as vast as ‘who are you?’ in 300 words or less I will never understand.

Regardless, we’re going to plow through this together, ready?

Despite growing up in an international state of transition as a military kid, I consider myself just your average Canadian. An extraordinary Canadian, even, because I’m bilingual.

Just kidding.

I am, however, seriously extraordinary at representing the best interests of my clients’ to lenders and negotiating on their behalf.

As cheesy as it sounds, I would describe myself as not having a fake bone in my body; I’m as transparent as the day is long. I enjoy style, but not at the cost of losing substance. I also like fishing, and writing poetry. Additionally, I’m just as comfortable grabbing a bite at John’s Lunch as I am the Bicycle Thief.

I fight like hell for my clients. So contact me today for a free demonstration.

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