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The top projects to add more value to your home

Are you trying to add some value to your home this season, but you don’t know where to start? There are several ways to make your home more valuable and improve its level of comfort, and it depends on what you think your home needs the most. However, here are six ideas we think could suit any home. Read on to see if any of them appeal to you!

Fresh lighting

This time of year, our homes are a lot darker and moodier than they are in the summer months. With limited daylight and early nightfalls, it feels like our houses are stuck in the dark 24/7. An easy project to add value to your home this time of year is upgrading the lighting situation! You can revamp your light fixtures and bulbs to create a warmer, brighter atmosphere. Start simple by replacing the lightbulbs in your ceiling fixtures maybe your issue is a simple burnt out bulb. You can also replace the fixtures entirely to create a brighter and modern space. Alternatively, consider adding in some floor or table lamps. These are both practical and fun, because you can add light to the dark corners of your home while making it look appealing as well. In short, creating a well-lit and welcoming home will contribute to its value.

Add new paint to your walls

While we’re on the topic of brightening up your living space, another way to do this is through the paint on your walls. When was the last time you repainted? If the colours are starting to look old and faded, or just too dark for your space, it’s time to consider a fresh coat. We often suggest using neutral colours, so they are easy to match and more likely to withstand the test of time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still have plenty of options! There are endless shades of beiges, greys, and creams you can explore for your home. You want a colour that brightens up your space and makes it look big and welcoming. Take some time to compare shades and bring some samples home to see how they would look on your walls!

Upgrade your heating system

In the middle of a chilly winter season, few things are more valuable in your home than your heating system. Having a warm and cozy space adds incredible value to your home. Plus, if you have any thoughts about moving in the future, you will want to ensure your heating system is up to date. If you find your home a bit chilly, or worse still, that your heating has quit on you, there’s no question that repairing it should be your next project. Quite apart from your home’s value, you deserve to come home to a warm house and not a walk-in freezer! 

Start thinking about your curb appeal

Although it’s February and most of us are spending as little time outside as possible, it won’t be long until spring shows its face once again. In the meantime, you can add value to your home by thinking about your yard and lawn situation. There’s lots of ways to gain curb appeal, from replacing your front door to repaving your driveway, planting a garden, adding a stone walkway, and repainting the garage doors. Although these projects cannot be completed right now, it’s a good time to decide what you want to do and get in touch with professionals who can do those services. Once spring hits, people start scrambling to find companies to complete yard projects, so you can get ahead of the game to ensure you can have your work done before the summer season. 

Curb appeal is a big part of determining a home’s value. Consider what you would do if you saw a home for sale, but the yard was an absolute disaster. The inside of the home might be wonderful, but you would likely never know, because you passed on considering it as an option. If you have any inclination to sell, remember how important first impressions are!

Add a home office

One of the most valuable home renovations is adding a home office, and of course, this has been a popular project since 2020. Even in the aftermath of the pandemic, many people are working from home and crave an extra workspace away from their bedroom or kitchen table. This might even be you! In this case, a home office is a great project. Whether you have an extra bedroom, a space in a finished basement, or even a detached shed or garage you can transform, you have some options for creating a workspace. You can personalize it to your taste, and make it a welcoming environment to do your work. If you’re adding this space for the purpose of increasing your home’s value to sell, keep things simple and neutral, so new owners can customize. This is definitely something to consider as more and more Canadians find themselves in a work-from-home setup.

Complete a small remodel

Finally, a minor remodel never goes amiss. We say minor because in most cases, you don’t need to completely tear out your kitchen or bathroom to add to its value. Most of the time, simple upgrades are all you need to bump up the appeal of a certain room. Two of the most common room remodels are the kitchen and bathroom, because these are the areas with the most traffic. Replacing cabinets and vanities, or countertops and flooring, can make a big difference without the major costs of a complete overhaul.

There’s an abundance of ways to add value to your home, and these are just a few of  many ideas. Enjoy the rest of the winter season, and remember to reach out to us for all of your mortgage needs!

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