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buying near Halifax

Popular neighbourhoods for buying near Halifax

Nova Scotia and the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) have been growing in popularity over the years. Buying near Halifax seems like a desirable move for many people, whether they’re coming from within the province or across the country. However, purchasing a home right in Halifax isn’t always an option, due to prices, space, or just personal preference. The good news is there are several neighbourhoods close to Halifax that might be the perfect destination for a buyer hoping to stay close to the city. Here are some of the top picks for buying near Halifax!


Most of our past blogs about buying in Halifax have mentioned Bedford, and it continues to be a top choice today. Bedford is just 15 kilometres from downtown Halifax. It’s also near the end of Bedford Basin, which means it’s in a beautiful area ideal for those who favour scenic views. Bedford offers close proximity to both urban and nature settings. You can easily make the quick trip into Halifax if you’re craving some city vibes, and you can just as simply retreat to the water’s edge to enjoy some green space and peace. Bedford itself also offers the necessities residents need without having to travel into the downtown core. Bedford has lots of parks and green space, which young families tend to prioritize, giving the area a younger demographic. Housing prices vary widely, from the low-mid hundred thousands, to the mid-high hundred thousands, to over one million and beyond, depending on house size and proximity to water. Many three bedroom detached homes have asking prices that sit within the $600K to $800K range.


Dartmouth is another spot that always makes one of the top spots for buying in Halifax. Previously written off as a less desirable version of Halifax across the harbour, Dartmouth has undergone intense development to become one of the best locations within the HRM. For one thing, you’re right on the water, which often means beautiful views of the Halifax skyline. If you feel like crossing the harbour and checking out Halifax, it’s just one quick ferry ride across the water. However, you won’t have to venture to downtown Halifax to find everything you need. Dartmouth has lots of amenities and can provide for its residents’ needs. You’ll find restaurants, shops, gyms, and of course the essential pharmacies and grocery stores. Dartmouth is a bit like living in a smaller, less expensive version of Halifax. Prices range from the upper two hundred thousands (mainly in condo or apartment buildings) to over two million. A three bedroom detached house often falls within the upper three hundred thousands to $700K.

Clayton Park

Clayton Park is popular largely thanks to its green areas and openness. There’s lots of park space and areas to spread out. It also sits close to Bayers Lake, and it’s surrounded by trails for those who like to explore the great outdoors. Even if nature isn’t your thing, Clayton Park is still highly desirable due to its proximity to Halifax’s downtown core. This is an area that is constantly developing to include more amenities, more entertainment, and more residents. Since it’s tricky to find ample green space so close to a city centre, Clayton Park is unique. Housing prices vary widely depending on age and location of homes, with three bedroom houses having prices from under $400K to over $800K.


Timberlea is just under 20 kilometres from downtown Halifax, so it’s a bit further out than other neighbourhoods, but still easily accessible. There are some big benefits to living a tiny bit further away from the Halifax core while still buying in the Halifax vicinity. According to AreaVibes, Timberlea has a 79 per cent livability score. Its cost of living is a bit lower as well, and real estate prices are 14 per cent lower than those in Halifax. Timberlea is a bit less developed than other neighbourhoods in terms of amenities and entertainment, but it’s clearly not far from exciting options. It also has lots of open space to enjoy if you prefer a bit more room to spread out. A three bedroom detached house in this neighbourhood often costs between $400K to $700K, according to

Lower Sackville

Finally, we come to Lower Sackville as a popular spot for buying near Halifax. Lower Sackville is about 20 kilometres away from Halifax’s downtown, but you’ll have plenty to do in this neighbourhood without having to leave. With a population of around 30,000, Lower Sackville continues to develop as it expands. It has restaurants, shops, and other essential services for residents. Sackville Lakes Provincial Park is also right here, giving you trails, water, and open space to enjoy. A three bedroom house in this neighbourhood tends to fall below $600K, giving buyers a slightly more affordable option.

Buying near Halifax is a move that gives buyers plenty of options in terms of the neighbourhood that might suit them best. Whether you want to settle in a condo near the city centre, or find a home with more space, Halifax’s surrounding areas have you covered. Mortgage brokers have your back during this experience as well! We would love to help you find the right neighbourhood in the HRM to call home, and the right mortgage product to get you there.

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