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Home Prepared Fall

Fall is here — is your home prepared?

Happy autumn! For home owners, a new season means new tasks around the house for you to take care of before the weather changes. While summer was all about preparing for sunny days in the yard, fall involves chores both inside and outside the home. This season often comes with some windy, rainy days, not to mention an abundance of leaves, which means it’s important to get your home prepared. Here are some jobs you can do around your property to get ready for fall. 

Outside the home

Clean gutters and eavestroughs

Fall is prime time for debris and leaves to fall from the trees and land right in your eavestroughs and gutters. If left there, these leaves will gather water and prevent it from draining. This causes clogs and eventual freezing in the winter, which will weigh down your eavestroughs. You probably want to avoid structural damage to your home, especially due to something as preventable as fallen leaves. Before the first snow hits, take some time to get your home prepared. Clear out your eavestroughs and gutters so they’re clean for the season. You can wait until near the end of autumn, when you’re sure no more leaves are going to fall. However, don’t forget this task!

Move houseplants inside

Do you have big potted plants you like to keep outside in the summer for some extra rays of sunshine? It’s time to bring them in for some downtime. While many of our plants are seasonal and don’t survive past the summer, others can thrive year-round in the right environment. Find a spot by a window in your home to give these plants light in a safe temperature. Your lilies, hibiscuses, and geraniums will thank you!

Last mow of the season

The lack of lawn care is a big perk of fall and winter for many home owners. However, you still need to get it ready to lie dormant for the next six months. If you have a lawn, be sure to mow it one last time before you leave it for the season.  As the snow melts and grass shows again, you want to make sure it’s ready to grow and become healthy. Long, shaggy grass gets easily matted, and can develop diseases and even mold. You don’t want to see that in the spring, so get your lawn prepped now.

Complete a roofing inspection

Imagine how awful it would be to discover in February that your roof is caving in and has shingles falling off. You don’t want a compromised roof in the winter, so get your home prepared by checking it out this fall. Take a look to see if you have any loose or missing shingles. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can hire a roofer to do it for you. If your roof needs any attention before winter, it’s best to know this now.

Inside the home

Make sure your windows trap heat

Houses with rattling windows may seem like a spooky staple for the season, but you don’t actually want that in your home this fall. Check out your windows and feel if they have any drafts coming in, or any cracks in the area. You can use caulking or sealant to fix up these spots to prevent any chilly air coming in. You can also buy some heavy curtains or blinds for these colder months to trap warm air inside your home, and keep that cold air from coming in. 

Prepare for pests

As the weather gets colder, we aren’t the only ones who shelter inside to avoid it. Insects and mice also take advantage of our warm homes by wriggling through any cracks or holes to find shelter. Critters and mice can be a big nuisance, so you should get your home prepared now to avoid them. To prevent as many intruders as possible, do your best to seal up any cracks that provide entry to your home, and don’t keep open food laying around. 

The only “pest” you might allow in your home is spiders. They aren’t actually pests at all, as they keep other unwanted insects out of your home and generally stay out of your way. However, if sharing a home with spiders freaks you out, consider not immediately squashing them. Release them outside so they can find a new home, then everybody wins.

Wash windows

If you keep screens on your windows during summer, you may as well take the time to wash the windows when you take them down for winter. They can gather some dust, dirt, and fingerprints, so it’s good to clean them off every once in a while. You can clean your outdoor windows too, but you might want to hire someone if you’re not comfortable on a ladder.

Getting your home prepared for fall can take some time, but it’s best to avoid any issues down the road by getting ready now. Following these tips will help you have a stress-free season in terms of homeownership, allowing you to enjoy all the fall season has to offer!

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