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Meet Our Friends at AKME Appraisals

Meet Our Friends at AKME Appraisals

AKME Appraisals, Inc is approved on 99.9% of all Residential & Commercial Lender lists. We always ensure the lender requirements are correct; speeding up the financial process and giving us an acceptance rate of 100% on all our appraisal reports.

Our company believes it is important to include all pertinent specific property data in the appraisal.

Some of the Data Include:

We include the Provincial Government report. Every property has a Government report on it; these reports are typically 4 pages. It describes the property details, permits, land values, historical assessment, etc.

Another example, we include the zoning allowable uses in the report. These are comparables in the report are chosen based on similar zoning allowable use(s).

Can you imagine if YOU were losing your home and had not realized the properties allowable uses?

Possibly, you could add another residential unit or even work with the commercial component? Maybe sell a portion of your site. This information helps before foreclosure, with retirement, etc. Let us not forget there are $FREE GRANTS for those that landlords willing to put in senior and or disability residential units.

Years ago we had decided that all of our Appraisal reports would include comparable(s) with both inferior & superior features. This way a property owner will never think there was a slight with one of their features.  For example: if the subject has 100 acres then the Comparable(s) selected would be selected to ensure that at least one comparable had inferior acres and another comparable would at least have superior acres. The comparable selection is to ensure that all of the subjects’ items and features have been considered. We include comps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+ if need be.

The Appraisals May Date These Comps.

Note: We also bracket the subjects’ assessment and include zoning for the subject and all comps in the grid. We also include the CMA (shows high to low value & typical days on market from the list to sold date) in order to identify that the subject’s value falls within that CMA range.

Also, please remember Appraisers sometimes have difficulty finding the perfect comparables; bracketing is a great way to identify the sale price range that the property would fall into given their market and location.

The last example is that we include ample descriptive pictures. So, this helps take the “lender off of the fence”, and is useful for insurance purposes. In addition, the Professional Appraiser, if need be can then explain their photos and their findings.

As Professional Appraisers, we take amazing pride in the fact we can identify the pertinent specific data of your property. Our team is honoured to Consult & Appraise; we are working with you! We believe this specific property information benefits you. As the property owners, to maximize your profit and better understand your specific property needs. Most important the AKME Appraisals, Inc Appraisal & Consultation Report could become a savings and could result in additional income for you.

Finally, have any questions about appraisals for us? Contact us here!