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Mortgage 101 – Real Estate Growth in Halifax

Atlantic Canada, and Halifax are all working together to keep up with the demand for the growing housing industry! Clinton and Todd dive into the real estate market trends, mortgage lending trends and the observed changes in Nova Scotia, this episode. The two chat about some great locations for buying, and the importance of having a solid pre-approval before house hunting.
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Mortgage 101 – Qualifying for your First Home

If you've been thinking of where you are on the checklist of qualifying for your first home, Clinton and Todd get into the specifics this episode! From the mortgage rule changes for first time homebuyers, to the stress test, and qualification requirements, your Mortgage 101 hosts chat about everything you need to consider when taking out your first mortgage.
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Mortgage 101 – Canada’s 30-Year Mortgage

What are the implications of the 30-year mortgage? Clinton and Todd sit down this episode and chat a bit more in-depth about what the 30-year mortgage means for first time homebuyers, noting the need for affordable housing options in the region, especially in urban centers like Halifax. Clinton emphasizes the importance of builders offering spec homes to cater to first-time buyers, advocating for standardized, cost-effective builds to reduce market competition and stress for buyers.
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