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5 tips to decorate your home for the perfect autumn

Tomorrow is the first day of fall! While many of us are likely already in full autumn mode, we have technically still been knocking off the last few days of summer. Now that the season is officially changing, though, it’s time to decorate your home for fall. Many people love the idea of having a nicely decorated home for this season, but aren’t sure how to achieve the right “look” in their space. Here are five tips that will serve any home owner looking to maximize the autumnal potential in their home.

#1 Keep it cozy

The word “autumn” tends to bring to mind visions of coziness and warmth, so bring that vibe inside when you decorate your home. A living room full of inviting areas to snuggle with a good book is one of the most classic signs it’s the fall season. To bring these comfy feelings into your house, think about what items make you feel warm and cozy. Often, this means blankets and pillows. Decorative throw pillows are all the rage this time of year, and it’s hard to walk into any store without seeing an array of fall-themed pillows ready to display on your living room couch. The same goes for fuzzy blankets, many of which are just waiting to be artfully draped over the arm of a chair. Candles are another way to bring feelings of warmth indoors. The flickering orange light brings a sense of comfort, whether it’s from a real flame or decorative tea lights. Autumn is the cozy season, so it’s simple to find ways to incorporate it into your fall decorating!

#2 Use autumnal colours

While each season has its own set of colours, none is more obvious than the fall colours of red, orange, and yellow. Every fall-themed home incorporates these colours into its decorations. It’s pretty unusual to find autumn decor available in blues and pinks, for instance. With this in mind, decorate your home using a heavy hand when it comes to adding those warm colours. You’ll have endless options for buying with this colour scheme. Apart from colours, you can also take advantage of common fall-themed patterns and materials. For example, plaid is a classic pattern for autumn. You can add this into your blankets, pillows, and even clothing. As for materials, wicker is popular for use in baskets, centerpieces, and wreaths.

#3 Incorporate the classic fall symbols

You won’t find any fall-themed homes featuring snowflakes or flowers as the main decorative symbols. It’s easy to come up with the basic fall symbols: Leaves, pumpkins, pinecones, and wreaths are some of the most obvious. These are commonly used in most autumnal decorations you can buy, so they’re simple to find. You want your decorated home to feel like you’re stepping into an indoor autumnal landscape. Leafy garlands can hang from windows or wrap around door frames, while pumpkins can perch on your front step. Wreaths can hang from your front door, and pinecones are nice little touches to add around the home for an outdoorsy element. Your home will look like a beautiful forest squeezed into your living room.

#4 Use common scents

Smells are perhaps an underappreciated method of transporting someone to a certain place or time. Sights and sounds are definitely effective, but we’re willing to bet that when you catch the scent of a McIntosh apple, pumpkin pie, or maple, you automatically associate it with the September and October months. Now, you have three major scents you can incorporate into your home when decorating for fall. Candles are the most obvious method of spreading these delicious smells, and the opportunities for purchasing fall-scented candles this time of year are endless. However, you can also use room sprays, plug-in scents, and oil diffusers, depending on your preferences. Candles are most effective when they’re actively burning, while diffusers and plug-ins function 24/7, and room sprays provide a briefer period of scent.

#5 Bring it outdoors

Finally, don’t forget to decorate your home on the outside too. Your front porch can act as a nice welcoming preview of the inside of your house. String lights, wreaths, pumpkins, and garland are all popular choices for your front stoop. There’s no rules for decorating your house, as long as you achieve the feelings of fall you’re trying to capture. We recommend adding lots of colour and light to your outdoor areas to maximize those autumnal vibes.

Decorating your house for fall shouldn’t be stressful! It should be a fun experience that makes you love the season even more than you already do. Don’t overthink your choices, and only add elements you enjoy. This is just another way to help you reinforce your love for your own home, so make the most of it!

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