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It’s time to tackle the dreaded spring cleaning!

Spring is finally here! After a dull and grey winter, we’re all looking forward to a little more sunshine and warmth. Every bit of good news seems to have a catch, though, and this is no exception. Spring means spring cleaning is here.

While there are probably some people who enjoy the annual tradition of scrubbing down their homes, spring cleaning is generally agreed to be a task people put off as long as possible. Wherever this trend began, it’s one most of us have to deal with, so it’s best to just get it out of the way. On the bright side, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a dreadful job. With some planning and organization, it might (almost) be enjoyable!

Clear everything out

Start your spring cleaning adventure by clearing everything out of your target cleaning areas. The less you have to move around when cleaning time comes, the easier it will be for you. This might be a great time to go through your closet and clothing drawers. Is there anything in there you want to donate? Odds are, you might have an old cardigan back there, or an outfit from ten years ago that wouldn’t suit your style today. You can also empty out your desk drawers and get rid of old papers or broken pens, and throw out the freezer-burnt ice cream at the back of your freezer

Some key areas to clean

How is spring cleaning different from your weekly clean of your home? You probably don’t scrub out every corner of your house on a regular basis, which is fine – but this is the time to do so! Spring cleaning is like “the works” for your home. Don’t forget these key spots!

Kitchen cupboards

Your kitchen cupboards and pantry are probably always stocked with dry foods and snacks, so maybe it doesn’t seem like there would be much of a mess in there. Even without messy spills or rotten food, though, your cupboards still need a cleaning. This is a perfect time to get rid of any expired items and half-eaten bags of chips from last year. You might also find a bag of sugar that toppled over at some point, or that the corners are full of dust.

Fridge and freezer

Another kitchen spot that could always use a cleaning is your fridge and freezer. Give both of them a good wipe-down, especially the fridge. If you have anything spilled or expired in there, throw it out immediately and don’t be shy with the soap and water! You can never be too clean with this area. Check the side door for near-empty jars and bottles, and dig to the bottom of the drawers to find any old vegetables.


Many people don’t think about washing their walls, and often forget about them altogether. Even if there are no huge mud splatters or spills on your walls, they also need an occasional light wash. Don’t use harsh chemicals on them – a gentle wipe with some water will do the trick. If you have wallpaper, make sure you use a very slightly damp sponge, and wipe with a dry cloth right after.


You probably clean your shower fairly regularly (if not, here’s a reminder to start!). For spring cleaning, make sure you do a deep dive into areas like the drain, shower head, and curtain and liner. As unpleasant as it is, it’s necessary to dig out the clumps of stray hair from your drain to prevent it from clogging. You can clean shower heads with an easy vinegar and water combination to keep them looking squeaky clean. If your shower liner is old, ditch it and get a new one – most liners need a replacement every six months or so.


Before you put the screens back on your windows, give the glass a good wash both inside and outside. They’ve definitely built up some dirt and grime streaks over the winter, and there’s probably fingerprints on the inside. You can also scrub the screens, especially if they’ve been gathering dust in a basement all winter.


Once all your cleaning is done, it’s time to reorganize your home! Start with the kitchen. As you put items back on their shelves, try to arrange them in a way that helps you remember what you have. You’ll also enjoy not knocking over half your items trying to reach one thing. You can also fold your clothes and put them nicely back in place, organize your desk, and any shelves in your shower. Even if your neat and tidy look doesn’t last long, it’s good to refresh it once in a while!

Spring cleaning is a workout, and it’s something very few of us look forward to doing each year. However, going in with a plan and a process will help the experience feel a little better than usual!

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