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spring cleaning

It’s time to get prepared for spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning season is here! It might be hard to get excited about the prospect of cleaning your home from top to bottom, but at least it means we’re approaching the start of the spring and summer seasons. As you start preparing for spring cleaning, here are some notes to keep in mind to make it a successful process!

What supplies will you need?

Spring cleaning is just an in-depth, giant version of the regular house cleaning routine you likely already do. This means you probably already have most of the supplies and materials you need. In case you’re a newer home owner, however, or you’ve never taken on spring cleaning before, we’ll give you a quick review of some of the best items to have on hand.

An all-purpose cleaner is great for basic surface cleaning on non-fragile materials. For mirrors or other glass surfaces like coffee tables, grab a bottle of Windex or a similar glass cleaner. Lysol or another disinfectant is important for actually clearing your home of germs and bacteria, especially in the kitchen. A shower cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, and brush are all essentials once you move into the bathroom. You can also mix your own shower cleaner by combining cleaning vinegar with dish soap! Finally, make sure you have lots of dusting cloths and paper towels on hand, and of course, a powerful vacuum and mop.

How long will the process take?

So, how much time do you have to dedicate to spring cleaning? This depends on the size of your home and the extent of your cleaning plans. However, it’s safe to say that spring cleaning can take anywhere from one full day to several days. By the time you pull out all your furniture, dust hard-to-reach areas, reorganize your storage, and scrub every inch of your flooring, you will find it’s quite a big time commitment. However, you don’t have to do it all in one day! Take your time working from room to room and ensuring each area gets thoroughly cleaned, without increasing your own stress levels. 

What are some key areas to focus on?

The whole idea of spring cleaning is to tackle your entire house. However, there are some spots you might never think about even as you go from room to room. Here are some easy-to-miss areas you should make sure you pay attention to!


Within the bedrooms in your home, you probably know the big spots to tackle: Dresser tops, desks, flooring, windows, etc. However, most people’s bedrooms are full of accessories or furniture that make it easy to neglect certain spots. For example, make sure you pull your bed out from against the wall and dust and vacuum underneath. Most people will find a considerable buildup of dust lurking beneath their beds. It’s also a good idea to clear out your dresser and bookshelf, and give those surfaces a good dusting. Finally, take the time to clean your closet. If your closet is currently a jumble of clothes, shoes, and random accessories from the past, do a big sort-through to determine what can stay and what needs to go.


Your kitchen can feel like a bit of a warzone during spring cleaning. You need to empty your food pantries and fridge/freezer to sort through your old and expired foods. Your appliances should be pulled out for a thorough cleaning behind where they normally sit. Cupboards under the sink should be emptied and reorganized. Finally, you should dust the tops of your fridge and cupboards, which are places you wouldn’t normally think to clean. Doing a full kitchen clean can often take an entire day on its own!


Within your bathrooms, you likely feel as though you have enough cleaning to take on as it is. Our washrooms often require the most regular cleaning, since these are the only spaces that have a shower, bath, or toilet. However, during spring cleaning, it’s time to dive even further into your bathroom cleanse. Now is a good time to replace your shower curtain liner to minimize the risk of mold and mildew growth. Be sure to also disinfect your shower walls all the way up to the ceiling, instead of just cleaning those areas within reach. Clean behind your toilet and wipe up any dust or stray hairs. Finally, if you feel like being brave, you can snake the drains in your shower or sink to increase water flow and reduce slow draining.

Living room

If you live in a home with a living area, it’s likely one of the most high-traffic spots in the house. This means it probably needs one of the biggest chunks of your attention. When cleaning this room, pull out your couches and TV stands so you can give those areas a good vacuum. It’s common to find pieces of dog kibble, dust balls, and maybe even kids’ toys in these spots. You might also want to remove any area rugs and use a carpet cleaner to restore them to complete freshness. Finally, we recommend dusting your baseboards! These areas collect tons of dust, but they often escape our notice when we do our regular cleaning.

Spring cleaning isn’t the most joyous task of the season, but it leads to a spotless and beautiful house you can enjoy year-round. You can think of this time as an opportunity to give your home a reset before the beautiful summer weather sets in!

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