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day trips near halifax

5 day trips near Halifax to explore this summer

Curious about day trips near Halifax this summer?

Sunday drives during the summer are debatably the best. The windows are rolled down and the breeze blows your hair around. You’re playing music on the radio and have the freedom to drive wherever your heart pleases. Sundays are a day of relaxation for you, free of responsibilities. Halifax and Nova Scotia are home to spectacular views and short-day trips. You have the freedom to escape the city within an hour’s drive and enjoy some fun activities with family and friends. The best part about Nova Scotia? You can take a quick drive home after your day trip and sleep in your own bed at night! Here are some day trips near Halifax you can explore this summer.


Wolfville is a picturesque town located an hour outside of Halifax. The town is home to many neighbouring wineries (if wine is your thing). Just a short drive away, you can visit wineries like Luckett Vineyards and Lightfoot & Wolfville. Enjoy a glass of wine while marveling over the rolling hills of the Annapolis Valley. Back in the downtown strip of Wolfville, you can shop around at cute local cafes and shops. The local restaurants in Wolfville source their ingredients locally and create some delicious dishes.  During the school year, Wolfville is bustling with students from the local university. Acadia University is a top university in Nova Scotia and is rich in history. When visiting Wolfville, you can take a walk around the campus and explore the historical buildings that surround the campus.

The Bay of Fundy and Cape Split

A short drive from Wolfville, or an hour and a half from Halifax, is Cape Split. Cape Split is one of the most popular hikes for outdoor adventurists in Nova Scotia. The trail is located in Scots Bay, which is a part of Kings County. The hike takes you on an 8-mile adventure through the woods and onto the cliffs. When you come out of the woods, you are greeted with incredible views of the Bay of Fundy and the ocean. The trail also includes opportunities to enjoy a picnic. You can sit and enjoy your lunch or afternoon snack while watching the tides of the Bay of Fundy, the highest tides in the world.


Truro is considered the “Hub of Nova Scotia” and is located just an hour away from Halifax. The town has preserved the local charm and culture through the Victorian-style buildings that decorate the downtown area. While visiting Truro, you can explore Victoria Park. The park is located right in the center of Truro. It has a vast system of trails to explore that all ages can enjoy. The park has many other activities to enjoy, like a playground for kids and tennis courts. 

Back in the downtown area of Truro, you will be able to enjoy the charm of the community. The streets are lined with local businesses and restaurants that perfectly convey the east coast hospitality. Downtown Truro also has museums and art galleries for visitors to explore. The museums in Truro are home to the cultural and natural history of Colchester County and Nova Scotia.


Less than an hour south along the coast is the quaint town of Lunenburg. Lunenburg is one of the few urban communities in North America that has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The majority of the original colonial-style buildings from the 1700s and 1800s continue to welcome visitors and tourists. The waterfront of Lunenburg is decorated with colorful buildings and friendly locals. The local shops in Lunenburg carry sustainable fashion and high-end artisan goodies. You can also enjoy fresh local seafood that is right off the boat while visiting Lunenburg. Places like The South Shore Fish Shack let the local seafood shine in classic and simple seafood favorites.


If you’re looking to escape the city and enjoy the sand in between your toes, Lawrencetown is a perfect escape. Lawrencetown is located just 33 minutes outside of Halifax. The beach is known for being a surf spot for locals. You can enjoy a lesson from the East Coast Surf School so that you can learn how to shred. You can also comb the beach for sea glass and shells that wash up on shore to create one of a kind shell masterpieces.

Nova Scotia unique and picturesque communities that are a short drive away from Halifax. You can escape the city for the day with a short drive. Each community offers a chance to support local businesses and take Instagram-worthy pictures. Snap a picture the next time you take a day trip in Nova Scotia to let us know what you’ve been up to.

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