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Clinton's Halifax Canada Day Blessing

Clinton’s Halifax Canada Day Blessing

As Canada Day approaches, I’ve been thinking about how much I love being a Haligonian Canadian.

Halifax is equal parts kitsch, charm, salt of the earth, and ridiculousness.

We party as hearty as we work, with more bars per capita (so the legend goes) than anywhere else in Canada.

We’re suburban, rural, and city-dwellers.

We are diverse, divided in opinion on the Edward Cornwallis statue and that Grabher guy; united in our mutual loathing of Trump, Moncton, and imitation donair products.

We share a steadfast loyalty to our city by the sea. We’re determined. We stay. We’re those who make a change. We grow, together.

Raise a glass, Raise it high

To Halifax, and the vibrant people that fill its streets and make it home:

People in dresses, valiantly fighting blustering breezes and struggling to avoid a Marilyn Moment (tip: bicycle shorts).

Small biz owners, toiling endlessly to create economic growth for our shared benefit (especially craft beer and hamburger lovers).

Students, be they Come From Aways or commuters from their parents’ basements. Their enthusiasm for our city, social issues, and drinking are inspiring. Also, that one kid that walked off a pier while playing Pokemon. That was awesome.

Sidewalk Shovellers. Whatever side of the issue you fall on, to shovel, let the city shovel, or not to shovel- we salute your unwavering commitment to making Halifax accessible and public discourse entertaining.

The Metro Greeter at the Woodside Ferry Terminal, who greets every person walking through with unbridled joy and an earnest ‘hello’.

And, Finally…

Overeducated and underemployed Millenials, who choose to take root in Halifax despite an occasionally challenging job market. From activism to entrepreneurship, Haligonian Millenials have shown they bring more to the table than just avocado toast.

Traditional Halifax Canada Day Blessing

May your beer fridge be stocked, else the line at the drive-through short

The hot dogs be hot, and real dogs kept hydrated

Your children be quiet, but not in destruction

And, may you bask lazily on a patio with Canadian lager or refinance & renovate so you can next year

However, you choose to celebrate, be safe and have fun! Happy Canada Day!

With Love,


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