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get this garden started

It’s time to get this garden started!

Get this garden started!

Now that spring is here and temperatures are starting to climb, the itch to get outdoors is getting stronger. The anticipation to shed your layers and enjoy warmer weather outdoors is stronger each day as we get closer and closer to March. With warmer weather in the near future, it’s time to start preparing your backyard and garden. Properly planning your landscaping and garden for this upcoming spring and summer can increase your curb appeal and also be sustainable for the environment. It’s time to get this garden started (while you’re social distancing of course)!

Make your garden stand out

Gardens are a good way to increase the curb appeal of a home. Yards that are presentable and well maintained look great and can help gain attention if you’re trying to sell your home. Homes with overgrown and unmaintained lawns not only look messy but can hurt the appeal of your home. You can add a little flavor through the use of a raised garden bed in the yard. It can make your garden stand out from others in your neighborhood. 

Raised garden beds add texture and a pop of color to an otherwise simple property. Raised garden beds can have flowers and shrubs to help add texture and variety to your property. This can be improved further by mixing trees and shrubs with flowers to add texture and color. They can be covered with mulch to make everything look clean and well maintained. Mulch is used in gardens and raised beds to help retain moisture in the soil and suppress weeds. It also makes a flower bed look well maintained and attractive! Little effort on your part and can make a world of a difference. 

Diversify Your Garden

Choosing a variety of plants that bloom at different times can keep your garden looking fresh throughout the season. Moreover, homeowners should choose a variety of plants that are native to the land. Plants that are native to the land are better adjusted to the seasonal environment. They can withstand all the changes in weather that Halifax can throw at them. Some native flowers to Nova Scotia are the Labrador Tea and the Mayflower. These two plants have neighboring bloom times. In other words, Mayflowers will bloom and the Labrador Tea will follow a month later. Plants that are acclimatized to the environment can save homeowners money on water bills and maintenance.

Texture and Variation

With a variety of plants, it’s beneficial to plant a few trees. Trees can break up space and add texture while also saving homeowners money. Trees provide homeowners with a natural source of shade to the house.  Natural shade can save money on a homeowner’s monthly power bill. Having natural shade in the areas of the house that receive the most sunlight can lower the power bills during the summer months. Trees can prevent sunlight from beaming through the windows. This means that your air conditioner and fans don’t have to work as hard to keep the house cooled off. Planting trees that change with the seasons is another great way to save money.

Deciduous, or seasonal, trees provide shade during the warmer months. Sugar Maple and Northern Red Oak trees are examples of trees that are also native to the land and climate. When the leaves fall off during the cooler months, they provide a way for sunlight to come through. This means that during the winter months those trees will shed their leaves and help warm up the house by allowing sunlight to come through the windows. This can aid in lowering your heating bill!

Upgrade your environment

Upgrading your garden can go beyond planting some new flowers and shrubs. Decorating with stones, seating areas, and other materials can help your lawn stand out from others in your neighborhood. Landscape lights can help illuminate walkways when the sun sets and showcase certain features in your lawn. Lights also don’t have to be used in a straight line. They can be staggered back and forth to add some personality and make your landscape stand out.

Outdoor seating areas like a bench under a tree can add an outdoor escape. Having a bench situated under a tree or near flowers gives a sense of privacy to curl up with a book or take a quick cat nap. Additionally, stones can be used to create a path to your private escape and connect elements in your lawn. Adding decorations in the garden can help personalize your property with a touch of your unique style. 

The options are endless when it comes to decorating and preparing your lawn for this upcoming spring and summer! Have some fun with personalizing it and making it stand out from others in your neighborhood. When looking to see how you can finance some upgrades to your home, speak to one of our mortgage specialists at Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team! You can reach us at 902-482-2770 or get in touch with us here!