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welcome rahul bedi

Welcome to the team, Rahul Bedi

Meet Rahul

Rahul joins the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team as an Associate Mortgage Broker! He has 7 years of experience in the finance industry, and prides himself on being a client-focused professional. Rahul has experience working as a financial advisor and manager, writing mortgages, and helping clients with investments and credit lending. We’re very excited to welcome Rahul and his wide range of experience to the team!

Rahul’s role with the team

Rahul will be responsible for building relationships with clients and partners, and educating clients on the home financing process and securing the best product for their needs. He is passionate about helping people achieve their goals for homeownership, while also providing the advice clients need to make their journey successful.

As a financial professional, I’ve been very  passionate about helping customers with decision-making involving major purchases like house ownership,” Rahul says. “There are a lot of important details that need to be considered when purchasing a home, and as a mortgage broker, I pride myself on bringing my wealth of knowledge and providing the best advice to my customers.”

Clinton’s thoughts

“It’s super exciting to have Rahul join our team,” Clinton says. “His past experience demonstrates how valuable of a team member he is, both to his clients and to us!”

Looking forward to the future

Rahul is thrilled to be part of a team that goes above and beyond for the client, and to be surrounded by those who create this positive environment.

“I am passionate to learn from Clinton, who brings over a decade of mortgage lending experience, and the values that the company has and delivers on everyday,” Rahul says.

Rahul wants to help clients save time and money. As a customer-focused professional, he is committed to making himself available whenever clients are in need of guidance.

If you have any questions, give us a call at (902) 482-2770 or contact us here!

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