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6 winter activities to enjoy in and around Halifax

As amazing as Halifax is in the summer, who says you can’t enjoy the city in the winter? True, this time of year is great for bingeing movies indoors, but if you feel like getting out to explore, you can also take advantage of everything Halifax has to offer this season! From light displays to wine tours, Halifax and the surrounding areas have something for everyone. Here are some of the best winter activities for you to check out this year!

#1 Skating at the Halifax Oval

The Emera Oval, also known as the Halifax Oval, is the perfect place to start your winter activities this season. Located on the Halifax Commons, this skating rink is equivalent to the size of three NHL rinks. This massive space is a great spot for families, children, speed skaters, and everyone in between. Be sure to check it out as the weather gets colder!

#2 Find festive light displays

December is, of course, the unofficial month of competition between homes to see who has the best light displays. With the holidays just around the corner, you’re sure to find some houses with extravagant decorations within almost every neighbourhood. Make an evening of it and go exploring around town and see what you can find. If you need some inspiration, you can start by checking out the Giacomantonio brothers’ Christmas displays at their neighbouring Halifax homes on Connaught Ave. The two brothers started their tradition of huge displays years ago, and every holiday season seems to get a bit more extravagant!

If you’re looking for bigger Christmas light displays, Halifax also has you covered. You can check out Glow Gardens, which transforms the Halifax Exhibition Centre into one of the biggest indoor winter light festivals in the world. You can also visit Halifax City Hall every evening to see the building transform into a light-up gingerbread house, complete with a fireworks display!

#3 Take a winter winery tour

There’s nothing like a glass of wine or three to warm you up in the winter. Nova Scotia has been growing grapes for wine for hundreds of years, and as a result the province is full of unique wineries and vineyards. The best part? Many winery tours run year-round, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to the summer. This winter, you can visit some of the best wineries in the region and taste some great samples. Many tours include round trip transportation, various tasting opportunities, and food. There’s often options for lunchtime, evening, and general daytime tours. Grape Escapes is a good source for finding year-round tours!

#4 Hit the slopes

Skiing and snowboarding season is underway, two of the most classic winter activities! If you’re into outdoor sports, this is the perfect chance for you to get outside and embrace the slopes. Ski Wentworth and Ski Martock, though not technically located right in Halifax, offer great hills for skiing and snowboarding. Located just over an hour from downtown Halifax, both locations offer lessons, season’s passes, night skiing, and hills ranging in difficulty for beginners and experts. Of course, both also have fully functioning lodges with washrooms, food, and lounge areas too, so you can refuel with a hot chocolate when you need a break.

#5 Go café hopping

Just as the name suggests, café hopping is just like bar hopping, but with coffee (or a hot drink!) instead of alcohol. Of course, both options will keep you warm this winter! The Halifax waterfront has tons of unique cafés you can sample if you feel like spending a day walking along the harbour and exploring during the winter months. It can be just as beautiful to be near the water in the colder months, though considerably more chilly, so bundle up. Some nearby cafes include The Daily Grind, Waterfront Coffee Bar and Eatery, Grounded Coffee Bar, and Cabin Coffee. 

#6 Check out the Halifax Evergreen Festival

Until December 19th, you can enjoy the Evergreen Festival in Halifax. This celebration of Nova Scotia culture includes tons of food, market vendors, events, and art for you to enjoy. Several public spaces and businesses join in to bring light displays and events to the area. You can check out the market on the waterfront, the Evergreen Bright walking light trail through downtown and along the waterfront, and special holiday-themed food and drinks at participating restaurants. Find out more about the festival here!

Whether you’re into the adventurous outdoors, an elegant glass of wine, or exploring local art and food, Halifax and the surrounding areas have something for you to enjoy this season. This city is full of opportunities and fun winter activities. Take advantage of this amazing city and check out what it has to offer!

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